About Me

     Life has taken me from the East Coast to the Midwest, and now to the West Coast, where I am currently studying at UC Berkeley's School of Information. I'm focusing in UX research and design, with a passion for design ethics, values-driven design, and the social context of emerging technologies.
How did I get here?
     I took a stab at quality assurance for a couple years. During that time, I learned the ups and downs of the product development cycle and developed a meticulous way of examining user interfaces. It grew beyond my academic interests in HCI as an undergrad Cognitive Science major, where I wrote my senior thesis on the affordances of digital objects. But in the end, my love for human-centered design was sparked from being the editor-in-chief for my high school yearbook. This was when I first discovered how design can influence the viewer's eye with intent and how I, as a designer, have the power and privilege to affect it.
Where do I want to go?
   I use inquiry and empathy to help build experiences for users to easily access and understand the information they seek. I believe the greatest way to advocate for the user is through research. My design research methods include qualitative interviews, surveys, usability testing, and more. Beyond my individual work, I love advocating for design by teaching others about its power and significance. I hope to contribute my skills and passion towards advancing thoughtful design of innovative technologies.
Currently Captivated By
Cybersecurity | Diversity and Inclusion in Tech | Future of Work | KonMari Method | Augmented Reality | Foodie Adventures 
Currently Reading
Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal
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